Day #199 – Maredsous 10 Tripel

July 19, 2011

Well it’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for my weekly trip to the Ginger Man for their glass night. This is a special week however, especially in the beer world. July 21st is the day Belgium celebrates it’s Independence day. They achieved this independence in 1931 from the Netherlands. Because of this, many beer folk celebrate all week long by enjoying lovely Belgian beers. I unfortunately was out of town this weekend so I missed the beginning of the festivities but I am here now!

Maredsous 10 Trippel

Maredsous makes 3 beers of note, the 6, 8 and 10. I have previously reviewed the 8; today is the 10. This beer is classified as an Abbey Trippel and has an ABV of 10%. (Get it?) I have had this beer numerous times before and for the purposes of today’s blog I will have to refer back to my notes from before. You’ll soon see why.

Holy crap! I can’t remember the last time I saw my usual bar so busy! First off I couldn’t find parking which rarely happens, granted I was 6 minutes later than normal. Then I see the general manager sitting outside the door, that also never happens. She is handing out tickets for the glassware. Need I say it? This never happens. Well she makes eye contact with me, smiles and hands me the last ticket! She said, man I’m glad you got this one. I was just asking my bartenders “Can anyone tell me if Cavie (name was changed to protect the not-so-innocent) is in there already?” How cool is that, that the manager knows me by name? Either it’s cool or I’m here WAY too often. We’ll go with the previous. 😉


Check out this glass! Oh that’s so awesome! I was a little bummed when I heard today was Maredsous night because I already have 2 different chalices from them, but this made it TOTALLY WORTH IT!! It’s made of ceramic, has the name painted on and is completely wicked! I’ve only previously seen these online but now I have one for my own! The only drawback to this is that the glass is opaque and I cannot see the appearance. To my notes I go…

This beer pours a lovely deep reddish-orange hue. It has a decent layer of white foam on top.

Aroma is an assortment of dark fruits. Grapes, plum, maybe sour cherries or bananas. Very lovely. Light Belgian yeast aroma as well.

Flavor is also very fruity. Lots of dark fruit tones with light bread and some sweeter hints of malt and Belgian yeast. This is so good the higher alcohol content could easily catch up with you so I’ll say…be careful.



One comment

  1. The beer sounds nice but the glassware, or ceramic chalice is fantastic! I didn’t know about the Belgium Independence day but I will have to celebrate on the 21st with a nice Belgian.

    Nice job on being on the eve of #200 also!

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