Day #198 – Southern Star Walloon

July 18, 2011

First time I have seen this beer on tap in Fort Worth. I was chatting with a few of my friends from the local homebrew club Cap & Hare and they mentioned that this beer was selected as their beer of the month for this pub. Each month they have a tap handle dedicated to them and this month they chose to feature this beer:

Southern Star Walloon


Southern Star is based out of Conroe, Texas which is just north of Houston. I have wanted to feature more of their beers than I already have but strangely enough I’ve had trouble finding them. Not sure what the deal is with that but it makes me happy that I happened upon this one tonight. The Walloon is classified as a Belgian Ale, although I’ve heard it described as a Saison hybrid. Some say this is a Grisette which in essence is a marriage of the two styles.

This beer pours a very hazy golden orange color. It has a light carbonation that disappears quickly.

The aroma is fat citrus notes, grain and sweet notes of malts. Very much a saison smell, which is what I expected.

Flavor is bready and grainy that immediately turns fruity. The yeast gives a big tingle on the palate. Almost stinging but nice. Good finish ad refreshing.




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