Day #196 – Dog Bite High Gravity Lager

July 16, 2011

Ok…..I’ll be honest and say there is only 1 reason and 1 reason alone that I am even coming near this beer, and it’s for the style. If I want to have a complete and unbiased blog then I need to at least feature 1 of every beer style that I can get a hold of…..even if they are typically not that great. I’ll give this one a shot and who knows? It might change my mind.

Dog Bite High Gravity Lager


Any time you see the title “High Gravity” in the title it almost always refers to this style; the malt liquor. Malt liquors are beers that are brewed with lots of adjuncts and higher alcohol producing sugars. They are typically strong in alcohol, both in measurement and in taste and will often be served in a brown paper sack. These serve no more purpose than to get the drinker intoxicated quickly, which is why I typically stay away from them. We’ll give this one a go tonight though.  Lucky for me I only have a 6 oz glass, so the rest of it my friends have to drink!  Ahahahah!

This beer pours a clear yellow edging on straw colored. Light gold I would say. Not really much head to speak of; not anything that hangs around for the party anyway.
Not much aroma to speak of. Some sweet grains and malts but not much beyond that. Smells about like I’d expect however, with lots of corny notes and alcohol.
Flavor is sweet grains and sugar with a sharp biting burn after that. There is a weird chemical taste after the initial taste. Slightly corny on the finish. Pass.20110712-024628.jpgCheers Brah!


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