Day #191 – Victoria

July 11, 2011

Alright, I am away from my regular stash and life tonight so I am going to have to make do with what is available to me. And what is available to me is….not what I would like to feature. But hey! It’s the year 2011; I can roll with it. And I realize I started 3 sentences with prepositions….suck it 6th grade English.



Victoria is a beer straight from Mexico. It is a Vienna Lager and is only about 4% ABV. It comes in a clear brown bottle and I don’t have too high of expectations but you never know; so I will keep an open mind here. I believe Victoria wasn’t distributed to our area until about the beginning of this year. Let’s see how she goes.

Appearance is a dark orange color that turns a light copper when held to the light. It forms a gentle white head that dissipates quite quickly.

Aroma is not too good. Mainly grains and soured notes that do not appeal well to the nose. Light and bready.

Flavor is sweet Malts that quickly have a bitter end. Taste is about what you’d expect for a beer of this region and style. Meh it is what it is.




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