Day #190 – Old Milwaukee

July 10, 2011

Now hold on just a second before you go on giving me a hard time for reviewing this beer! I actually have a very good reason for selecting this. The first reason is that I was at the Rangers game this afternoon, and it was hot and the sun was brutal today! The only options in my fridge were this and an imperial stout. Haha sorry; there is a time for every beer and today is NOT the time for an impy! Also my second reason is that this beer was given to me by a friend for the sole purpose of reviewing it on my blog. That’s probably the most important reason as I don’t want to disappoint anyone who provides me beer at no cost! Anyways, here we go.

Old Milwaukee


Old Milwaukee has a long history, dating back to 1890 when it was first brewed. Since then this beer has been passed around more than…..well just insert your own dirty comment there. The brand was sold to the Schlitz Brewing Company, which was then bought out by Stroh, which was THEN bought out by Pabst which was THEN BOUGHT OUT BY MILLERCOORS! Ugh, what a history and what a pain to type! 😦 Because of the change in ownership, this beer does not qualify as a craft beer, regardless of it’s prior status. However, as this brand is owned by MillerCoors now I will finally have a change to show off my Coors Light shaker. Let’s see if the mountains turn blue!!!

Ooooo blue mountains baby! We are in business tonight! This beer pours a very clear light golden to straw color. There is a pretty hefty white head that appears, fizzes up and then disappears just as quickly. Whoa, check out the can. This is “America’s Best Tasting Beer”. I suppose this will be my last post on this blog then because after drinking the best tasting beer….what’s the point of pressing on? :/

The aroma is grainy, corny and metallic. It is very light on the nose; crisp and plain.

The flavor is just as disappointing. Sweet grain, bitter flavors, corn, some metallic notes all come together to make this. The upfront taste actually isn’t too awful but man, the bitter aftertaste is just BLECH! I tried this beer one time when I was still very new to beer and my comments back then still make me laugh. I said “Decent until you are slammed with the after taste and then your world comes to an end.” Haha…..genius.




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