Day #188 – Avery Samael’s Oak-Aged Ale

July 8, 2011

WOOO do I have a big beer planned for today!! Lucky for me however, I have someone to split this beer with today which will make this MUCH easier haha!

Avery Samael’s Oak-Aged Ale

Avery came out with a big beer series several years back that featured high alcohol beers, and they all featured devilish names. They called this the Demons of Ale series. This particular beer is a Barley Wine at 15.53%! It has also been aged in oak barrels to further the complexity of flavor. Samael is otherwise known as the Prince of Demons, or the Angel of Death. I am excited and anxious to try this beer again as it has been many years since.


This is a very pretty beer. Poured into the Avery stemware, I can easily see why this glass accentuates the features of the appearance. The color ranges from a light orange-yellow color at the very bottom that melds into orange, copper then to a deep red near the top. A frothy beige head sits on top of this beer as well. How elegant.


The aroma is definitely complex. I can smell notes of wood, banana type fruit and an interesting powdered sugar smell. Alcohol can be both smelt and felt. Intense. Bready also.

The flavor is very intense. Sweet malts, sugars, wood and dark fruit. There is a big alcohol burn down the throat on the finish. Very sweet, but absolutely a sipper. It’ll probably take me an hour to finish this half glass, but I’m ok with that. This beer is for savoring.




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