Craft Beer Map

July 7, 2011

Craft Beer Map

I don’t often promote outside websites on my blog, but I have decided to make an exception in the case of a new site that opened up earlier this month.

One of the questions I get most often after featuring any particular beer is, “Well that sure sounds nice but where the hell can I try it for myself?” Such a great question and it would be fantastic if you could simply jump on your favorite brewery’s website and check out a list of all the wonderful establishments that carry/serve their product.  Doesn’t that sound nice?  Unfortunately, the State of Texas in all her wisdom has decided it is ILLEGAL for a brewery to publicize where a consumer can find their offerings.  As most craft breweries are in themselves quite “crafty” ha….ha….ha….yeah sorry, many of them have devised ways around this foolish regulation.  Often times they will give hints as to where their beer will be served, without actually coming out and saying it outright.   I would always laugh when I received an email from a brewery advertising a special event, but all it was was some pointless story with a few words that were capitalized.  Well if you put the capitalized words together you could usually figure out the coded message they were trying to convey.  It was awesome; I felt just like the kid in A Christmas Story that runs to the bathroom to decode Little Orphan Annie’s secret message.  “Drink More Ovaltine? It’s a crummy commercial? What a rip!”  Hahaha I laughed so hard at that part.  That and when his kid brother can’t put his arms down. 🙂  Anyways, fortunately for the rest of us without a decoder ring, there is a new website that will do the decoding for you!  Craftbeermap.com is a new database of all locations that serve a particular brewery’s beer.  At the moment it is still pretty new, but growing more complete every day.  This site uses the input of the consumers to make an accurate representation of where beer is located.  Wiki style.

At the moment it only covers Texas breweries but they are hoping to eventually expand to cover more territory.  How does it work?  Let’s find out.  Let’s say for example I would love to find a place that sells Rahr beer.  From the home page we click on “Find A Beer” and we are taken to a list of all the Texas breweries that have location information stored on the site already.  Rahr & Sons is found in the middle of the page, and upon clicking on it we are taken to a list of locations broken down by municipalities.  We can see the beer is available in the Houston, Dallas and San Antonio area.  The list at the moment is a collection of bottle shops, bars and restaurants, but you can easily see the locations that have already been submitted by other users.  Don’t see your brewery/location?  Easily submit your own info and help to aid in the beer hunting cause!  Drop on by and check em out; I have a feeling the site will grow ever more useful as the database expands.



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