Day #182 – Franconia Kolsch

July 2, 2011

It’s hot. It’s damn hot outside. Freaken Texas summers. The iPhone is tellin me it’s 101 degrees. I went to Rahr earlier to quench my thirst but the heat kept beating me down. So I dropped by my local bar to grab a drink and I stumbled across a local beer I haven’t reviewed yet.

Franconia Kolsch


As you know Franconia is a local DFW brewery based in McKinney. The beer I am trying today is a Kolsch. The ABV isn’t listed online but if I were to guess I’d put it at 4.8%.

This beer pours a clear copper orange color which is significantly darker than the established kolsch style. Not that it’s a bad thing; merely an observation. It boasts a white ring of head.

The aroma is quite fruity. I am picking up a big bit of berries as well as grapefruit and almost a strawberry nose. Very fruity.

The flavor is also super fruity. I can taste strawberry, cherry and like a life-savers type flavor. Very fruity but refreshing.




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