Day #176 – Spaten Optimator

June 26, 2011

Last night was crazy, but days like that happen. Sometimes
My blog posts don’t fit easily into my schedule but so far I’ve kept up with it! I’ll be sure that today’s beer and post are much better!

Spaten Optimator


Spaten Optimator is brewed by Spaten-Franziskaner based out of Munich, Germany. It is classified as a Doppelbock at 7.6% ABV. Spaten was bought out by InBev which technically rules it out of being a craft beer but this stuff is definitely worth a blog post on.

This beer pours a clear brownish-red color with a fizzy off-white head. It is very attractive when held to the light.

Aroma is dark malts first with a big fruity nose. Dark fruits; grapes and plums with a grainy end.

The flavor is dark malts and grains and a nice sweet finish. The fruity flavors are very smooth, with a bit of a tingle over the palate. This beer is even better on Draught. Very nicely done.




One comment

  1. I like the way the label has two “Spades” on it (Zwei Spaten) – must be to shovel all the Dopplebocks!

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