Day #173 – Avery Joe’s Premium American Pilsner

June 23, 2011

Avery Joe’s Premium American Pilsner

I am getting ready for a trip out of state this weekend, but while I’m packing I think I’ll have a beer!


Avery released this beer not too long ago, and it comes in a lovely can. It is classified as a Pilsener and holds a 4.7% ABV.

It pours a clear light golden color with a foamy white head.

The aroma is strong grains and is actually pretty hoppy. There is a definite hopped presence in this beer. More so than the regular pilsener.

The flavor is also pretty hoppy, with a sharp bready grain taste. Almost a bitter spice.

Well for a pilsener this is pretty strong on the hops. Very interesting but not surprising coming from Avery. They often times will push the limits on styles, although some hop aromas are acceptable. Cool!




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