Day #172 – Summit Maibock

June 22, 2011

Oddly enough, I am back at the Ginger Man for the 2nd day in a row. As I was in here briefly yesterday I noticed a banner hanging that was advertising a glass night tonight as well! Well I am a sucker for new glassware, and it’s even better when it is for a beer I have yet to feature on this blog. I will be honest in saying that the beer for today is one of my least favorite styles. I will strive to provide a unbiased review though it may be difficult!

Summit Maibock


The Summit Brewing Company is based out of St. Paul, Minnesota. I’ve only reviewed 1 other beer from them which is odd as they have several things available in our area. The Maibock is their spring seasonal so it is a little late in getting to us. That’s OK, I’ll drink it and dream of cooler spring temperatures! It is classified as a Heller Bock (or Maibock); the terms are fairly interchangeable. The alcohol levels are usually a little higher with this one coming in at 7.1%.


First off I should say I’m disappointed that the glass I got was one I already have back home. The picture on the banner was different than this glass man!! Oh well. It’s been awhile since I’ve held a free contest; I’ll have to think more on that.

Clear light orange color with a light white head. Pretty standard.

Aroma is grains and sweet malt. Some light candied notes but fairly straightforward.

The flavor is big malts with a big bitter finish that might have a touch of sour grains. Tart fruit as well that leaves a very bitter dry finish. As it warms I can taste more of the hop prominence. There is almost a slight touch of butter as well which is a flavor I often pick up in maibocks. I’m still not entirely certain if that is a flavor that is characteristic of the style but I’ve tasted it more than once in different beers. It is typically regarded as a flaw in beer but if it’s meant to be there then it just solidifies the reason why I dislike so many of them. Oh well, I know several people that really enjoy this style and to that I say, to each their own.



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