Day #170 – Real Ale Devils Backbone

June 20, 2011

Day number 3 of Texas beers today! That inadvertently happened; I wasn’t planning on featuring that many Texas beers but I reached in the fridge and that’s what came out. I also started playing a video game today and got sucked into it. I looked down at the clock and realized it’s past 10 and I haven’t even done a blog post for today! Man I’m getting lazy through these summer months. Oh well, I’ll make up for it with a good beer.

Real Ale Devils Backbone


Devils Backbone is a pretty big beer coming out of Real Ale. It is classified as an Abbey Trippel and can hold it’s own at 8.1%. This is one of my favorites from their company and I am looking forward to trying it in a bottle; up until now all they’ve served is on draught.

As you can see this beer pours a very clear light golden to orange color. It actually looks strikingly similar to a premium lager….which has me a little worried. I expected a Trippel to be a little cloudy or thicker than this. White foamy head that fizzes and disappears.

The aroma thankfully is nothing like a lager. It has lots of Belgian yeast and fruity characteristics. Sweet smelling with a bit of grain.

Flavor is sharp fruit, grains and a touch of alcohol. The alcohol can be tasted big time on the finish, and the mouthfeel certainly backs that up. 8.1% and you can feel every percentage point of it. Definitely has a bubble gum/fruity ester flavor to it.  Kinda thin on the mouthfeel after the alcohol sting goes away.  Pretty good though!




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  1. lool…. this is a cool idea! 🙂

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