Day #169 – Saint Arnold Weedwacker

June 19, 2011

The drum corps show last night was awesome and even though they haven’t released the judges scores yet, The Cavaliers won the fan vote last night! I was so proud of them, and they have a REALLY cool show this year. I’m excited to see how things develop over the season.


Saint Arnold Weedwacker

I’ve discussed before about the ingredients that make up your favorite frosty brew, and today’s beer owes everything to yeast. Yeast are the micro-organisms that consume the available sugars in the wort (pronounced wert) during the fermentation process and convert these sugars into CO2 and alcohol. There are many strains and varieties of brewers yeast available and each strain has a unique set of flavors and aroma characteristics. Saint Arnold decided to have some fun and play around with different strains of yeast. With the Weedwacker, they took a beer they already produce and distribute and changed the yeast just to see what would happen. The beer they experimented on was one of their most popular the Fancy Lawnmower. I reviewed this beer way back on Day 36 of this little project! Check it out. The original beer was a Kolsch and is one of the lighter styles of beer in regards to flavors and aromas. They switched out the regular kolsch yeast they typically use and tossed in a strain of Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast. This should change the flavor and aroma SIGNIFICANTLY. ABV is probably somewhere around 5%. Sorry for the inexact data today.


This beer pours a cloudy golden orange with swirls of yeast suspended in it. There is a pretty large head response and it actually took me a few minutes to finish pouring the entire beer. The appearance is different from that of the Lawnmower, slightly darker in color and not as clear.

The aroma here is big citrus, like major orange peel or lemon juice. Yeasty notes as well with perhaps a bit of a spicy nip. The aroma is DEFINITELY different from the Lawnmower with much more fruity esters in it.

The flavor is yeasty bread with a spice bite right off the bat. This eventually moves to a fruity flavor mixed with bubble gum notes. There is a slight bitter finish which I don’t recall tasting when I had this originally on tap. The flavor is wildly different from the Lawnmower, and to think, all they did was swap the yeast. This is very good and certainly would make for a relaxing outside drink.




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