Day #167 – Allagash White

June 17, 2011

Allagash White


Today’s beer unfortunately comes from a company that we will see less and less of in Texas for awhile. Allagash Brewing Company is based out of Portland, Maine and announced just a few months ago that they are going to cease distribution to our state (as well as others) in order to cope with increasing demand. So while this is a good problem to have, it sucks to be losing out on their label for the foreseeable future. If you recall Dogfish Head recently had to do the same thing and scale back distribution to Texas, but I am happy to report that as of my most recent trip to a local beer store, DFH had shipped 2 new beers to Texas that we have never carried before! So Allagash will be back eventually but for now I snatched up a bottle to enjoy while I can.

Their White is a Belgian Witbier at 5.5%. I am serving it out of my new Ommegang tumbler that I picked up just last week.

This beer is bottle carbonated which means it was packaged with yeast, which still remain at the bottom. Often time I will pour out the yeast but the label on this beer gave strict instructions to include the yeast with the beer so in it went! This gave the beer a naturally cloudy appearance with a light golden color. There is a fair white head on it that lingers for just a bit before fading.

There is a mix of yeasty notes and spice on the nose. The yeast gives it a light bready feel that is paired well with sharp fruit and the spice is a clove-esque type smell.

The flavor is more spice and clove than sweet fruit and has a bitter finish that goes through to the end. If there was a bit more sweetness and fruit it would make this beer superb.




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