Day #165 – Kilkenny

June 15, 2011

I was out in Dallas today for a convention so I thought I should check out a new pub I’ve never been to. Near to one of the rail stations was an Irish pub called Trinity Hall. Though I’ve yet to travel to Ireland, I would imagine that this is fairly close to being authentic.


Rustic feel with dark wood decor; bookshelves stuffed with dusty leather bindings and a crazy bearded man sitting in the corner. I think he’s missing teeth. Haha just kidding. I figured as long as I’m here I should sample an Irish Ale.


Kilkenny is an Irish ale that is brewed by Kilkenny located in Kilkenny. Easy enough right? I’m pretty sure this brewery was bought out by Guinness but still maintains production at the original brewery. I’ll have to double check that. ABV 4.3%. The first time I tried this I was at a pub with some friends in Calgary, Alberta. I took a really cool picture back then an I think I still have a copy of it on my computer back home. If I can find it I’ll upload a copy here:  (never mind, it wasn’t as cool as I thought it was.)

On to the beer…

This was served on Draught over a nitro tap so it began with a milky tan-orange color with lots of movement inside. This eventually settled out into a fairly clear reddish orange with a super creamy white head.


The aroma is dry malts, caramel sweetness with cream and nitro.

The flavor is a bit of what was expected. Milky smooth mouthfeel with a light sweetness balanced over a bitter approach. Finishes smooth.

It certainly feels like I’m in ole Ireland; all I need now is a drenching rain.



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