Day #163 – Samuel Adams Summer Ale

June 13, 2011

Still reeling off the Mavs win last night! We haven’t had a National sports champion in North Texas since the Stars won the cup in 1999. Rangers were SO CLOSE last year when they went to the Series and the Cowboys…well….we’re not going to discuss that. Time for a special beer today.

Samuel Adams Summer Ale


What the hell? How is this beer special? Well, it is special to me because this was the first beer I EVER drank. Yes indeed, and there’s a story that goes with it but it’s slightly embarrassing so I’m not going to get into it. It involves Zima though! 🙂

Sam Summer is brewed by Boston Beer Company out of Boston and this is their annual summer seasonal. They market this one as being brewed with Grains of Paradise, as well as other spices and lemon peel. According to Wikipedia Grains of Paradise is a type of pepper that is native to certain regions in Africa, and the scientific name for it is “Aframomum melegueta”. How about that.

This beer pours a semi-transparent orangish yellow color with a fuzzy white head. Lots of carbonation in this one for sure.

Aroma is grainy upfront, with some lemony notes and light pepper. I bet this beer would go well with a slice of fruit in addition.

Flavor is bitter grains that morph into a lemony taste. Not really peppery in flavor but certainly has a bite of spice. This beer takes me back…





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