Day #159 – New Belgium Ranger IPA

June 9, 2011

IPA week continues! This time we have a nice balanced IPA from New Belgium.

New Belgium Ranger IPA

This one was a fairly new release from New Belgium, only having been out for less than a year but is now in their full time production line-up. It is classified as an India Pale Ale at 6.5%, but where the heck does the name come from? Having grown up in Arlington, TX the home of the 2010 American League Champions, I was hoping it was referencing that. Alas, I was wrong. Beer Rangers are apparently what New Belgium has termed their representatives across the country. The Rangers were taking input from all types of consumers and sent back the message calling for MORE HOPS! This is NB’s response, an IPA brewed with Cascade, Chinook and Simcoe hops. These are all very common North American hops and all have distinctive flavors. The beer was then dry-hopped using Cascade to provide even more flavor and aroma. I like all three of these hop strands so this beer ought to be pretty good.


Thought today would be a great day to hit up the pool and enjoy a nice hoppy IPA while out there. It’s about 94 degrees out today so it will probably be a quick drink for me.

This beer pours a clear orange color with a very fizzy white head. It is a very bright orange color as well.

I can SMELL the grapefruit hops from the moment i open it up! Huge hops on the nose, with fruit, citrus and pine sap. What a smell.

The flavor is also very hoppy. Lots of bitter pine notes with some sap and light citrus. Now this is an IPA! Fairly complex and certainly tasty. Now bring on the Mavs game!





  1. New Belgium makes some great beers! I’ll be looking for this one the next time we’re out of town (as they don’t distribute here in VA). Also, love the drink-ware, the beers always taste better in their correct glasses!

    • Wow, I am surprised to learn they do not distribute in your state! I thought they had almost a nation-wide reach now. Interesting. And yes I completely agree with your glassware comment!

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