Day #158 – Great Divide Hercules Double IPA

June 8, 2011

Decided to toss in a double IPA for today.  Good opportunity for a good beer in honor of the MAVS WIN last night!  This beer ought to be pretty big so I’ll be sipping on it for awhile.

Great Divide Hercules Double IPA

Great Divide Brewing Company is out of Denver, Colorado, and I believe I have reviewed something from them before.  Yes!  The Yeti Imperial Stout and boy was that a good one.  Well today’s beer shouldn’t disappoint either as it is big and bold.  The Hercules is an Imperial IPA and rings in at a heavy 10% ABV.  “Hercules is not for the faint of heart but fit for the gods.”  This should serve as an appropriate midpoint to my Week of IPAs.

This beer pours a heavy orange color that lightens to a soft gold near the bottom of the glass where it tapers down.  It also sports a heavy foamy white head which does not dissipate quickly in the least.

The aroma is surprisingly softer and less intense than some of the previous week’s selections.  For example the Stone IPA was very intense and put its hops RIGHT in your face, while this beer is more subdued.  That’s not in any way meaning it is any less complex however!  I can detect a gentle mix of sweet and tart fruit.  Definitely like a grapefruit/orange/plum type of nose.  The dark fruits round out the aroma to make it more full than the standard IPA.  There is also a bitter/woody type nose that gives this more of an aged feel.  Lots of flavor on the nose.

The taste itself is very woody, with a bitter grain flavor that shows up first.  The fruits come in second but are immediately beaten away by the hops that overpower the flavor and leave a lingering bitterness through the aftertaste.  The major quality here is in the sweet flavor in the middle, and that’s the part you want to savor.  The bitterness calms down significantly as you get used to the drink and it warms up.  Good beer, well done but certainly a 1 and done type of beer.



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