Day #157 – Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA

June 7, 2011

I’m headed to the Rangers game tonight and will be checking the scores from the Mavs game while I’m there.  Very busy so let’s get right to the next IPA of the week.

Anderson Valley Hop Ottin IPA

Ah Anderson Valley; a new brewery for my blog.  AV is located in Boonville, California.  They started distributing to Texas over a year ago so you should be able to find several things from them available.  This is their IPA which comes in at 7% ABV.  It seems the alcohol level has been steadily rising all week…

Well even though the picture is in front of a popcorn bag, a CERTAINLY HOPE this beer doesn’t have any buttery popcorn flavors!  That particular flavor is a major flaw in majority of beer styles, although some styles require it.  I could go more in depth about the causes and the scientific side of things but I’d much rather drink.  Just know that out of all 157 beers I’ve reviewed, not one of them has had noticeable diacetyl.  🙂

This beer pours a slightly hazy dark reddish orange with a HUGE head response.  The head just billows and billows; very frothy and foamy.

The aroma is fairly weak in comparison to the rest of the IPAs of the week.  This one doesn’t smell so much of pine needles and sap, but more earth tones, leaves and perhaps raw spaghetti.  Without the sauce.  Interesting aroma.  Not my favorite smelling beer of the week thus far.

The flavor is soft hops, with caramel malts and grain flavorings.  It’s interesting to note that this IPA is more malty than hoppy, but the hops to provide for a slightly bitter flavor into the aftertaste.  It’s not a bad beer, but I don’t think it was fair putting it up against all these big hitters I have planned for this week as it just fades into the background.



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