Day #156 – Stone India Pale Ale

June 6, 2011

Day 2 of the week of IPAs and boy do I have another good one!  Yesterday’s beer was very good and felt pretty big even though it was just an IPA.  Many IPAs that you will see have huge flavor profiles and often times punch you in the face with hoppyness.  Today’s beer is another one of those.

Stone India Pale Ale

Stone is one of those companies that are well known for their hoppy beers as well as intense beers.  So you can absolutely expect their IPA to be more than just an “IPA”.  6.9%.  This is also a good example of a beer that has been dry-hopped.  Hops are used in the boil of a beer to impart bitterness, flavors and aromas and also to serve as a preservative.  Dry-hopping is when brewers let the beer sit on unboiled hops after the beer has finished fermenting.  This will add intensity to the hops in the beer, especially aromas.

Speaking of aromas, I can smell the hops on this beer from the moment I cracked the cap!  I mustn’t get ahead of myself; appearance first.  I’m showing off my elegant Stone snifter today.  It’s made for their imperial stout (which I have yet to review) but it will suffice for the IPA as well.  This beer pours a clear copper orange color with a fizzy off-white head.  Little carbonation beyond what forms the head.

Now to the aroma; MAN is this thing intense.  I smell tons and tons of drippy, wet hops in this.  Lots of pine needles, fresh tree sap, grapefruit and tart citrus, man this smells great.  I almost don’t want to drink it; I just want to keep on smelling it!

Well eventually I did take a sip and it was just as tasty as the smell made it out to be.  Lots of sweet hops with a big bitterness imparted over the palate.  This is very warming, and the Christmas tree flavor never leaves!  And……watermelon?  I kid you not, try it and see.  This is an intense IPA for sure.



One comment

  1. I have one in the fridge and I was thinking about it on the train ride in to work (drinking and reviewing it). I kid you not! I’ve had it before, but never sat down and analyzed it. Tis a great beer. Nice review!


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