Day #153 – Black Sheep Monty Pythons Holy Grail

June 3, 2011

Man today was totally awesome!  I started it off by watching the new X-Men movie at midnight with some friends and that film turned out to be VERY good.  I absolutely recommend it if you like sci-fi at all.  Then I went out to the lake with my cousin today and rode some jet skis all afternoon.  Well after all that fun, I feel like a fried lobster.  So tired….but the blog must go on!

Black Sheep Monty Pythons Holy Grail

Often times you will see beers that are quite obviously gimmicks.  This is one of them.  It was specifically commissioned for the 30th anniversary of Monty Python.  It is brewed by Black Sheep out of Ripon, England.  This is a new style for my blog, as a Premium Bitter/ESB which stands for Extra Special Bitter.  This style is very similar to a regular bitter but it is usually served out of a cask.  Some of these beers are bottled and maintain a very malty, smooth characteristic.

First off, notice the label.  It has the Holy Grail being hoisted in the air with some odd characters in it.  Underneath it says “Tempered over burning witches.”  Yes!  This pours a very clear light orange color with a foamy white head.  The head dissipates quickly.

The aroma is very malty and leafy.  Bready as well.  Not many hops can be detected in it but that’s to style.

Flavor is dry, malty, bitter and slightly smooth.  The aftertaste isn’t the best as it leaves a very dry flavor over the palate.  I really don’t much care for this in the least, but it’s got a cool label.  Points for that!

And now for something completely different.


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