Day #152 – Samuel Adams Rustic Saison

June 2, 2011

Day 2 of the new Samuel Adams series. Today is a VERY busy day for me. I had 2 interviews for my graduate class; it’s my mother’s birthday so I’m taking her out to the American Airlines Center for a Mavericks watching party and then after that I’m headed to a midnight showing of the new X-Men movie! Therefore I need to get on to the beer.

Samuel Adams Rustic Saison

If you recall a saison is a traditional Belgian farmhouse ale that is typically light and complex in flavors. This one has an ABV of 4.35%, so it’s quite sessionable. Holy crap after looking back, I just realized that this is my first saison! Well I suppose I need to go into a little more depth with this. Saisons are also called farmhouse ales. Belgian farmers would brew this beer in the spring and let it ferment at natural temperatures, usually placed in the farmhouse. The type of yeast that would fall into this beer would give it some very interesting and complex flavors. They are often lower in alcohol and can sometimes be sour. Ok NOW lets get on to it.

This beer pours super clear and is a light yellow to almost straw color. It has a very foamy head, very…but it fades quickly.

The aroma is pretty nice. Lots of sweet fruit, banana, citrus, bubble gum, spicy coriander, and grain. Man this smells nice.

Flavor is grainy upfront with a sweet fruityness. Lemon tart and citrus with spicy notes as well. This was pretty nice and I enjoyed it quite a bit.



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