Day #151 – Samuel Adams East-West Kolsch

June 1, 2011

Sam Adams came out with 2 new beers recently and a friend of mine dropped them by my house for the blog, so I will be reviewing them back to back.  First up is the kolsch.

Samuel Adams East-West Kolsch

This is a traditional Kolsch style that originated in Germany.  They used Alsatian Strisselspalt hops in it which are western noble hops. This is the “West” portion of the name.  The “East” portion comes from using a Japanese evening blooming flower in the brew, Jasmine Sambac.  ABV of 5.01%.  .01 for extra kolschiness.

This beer is clear and golden with lots of bubbles and carbonation.  It foams up to make a large head that suspends for awhile.

The aroma is dry and dusty, with grainy malts and slight lemon notes.  It has a small sweet floral aroma as well.

The flavor is fairly dry and very grainy.  The finish however is where the sweet citrus notes and smooth floralness comes into play and that’s what’s interesting about this beer.  Not bad for a new beer, and certainly refreshing.



One comment

  1. Had this a couple weeks ago. Pretty darn tasty! Nice review.


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