Day #150 – Rahr & Sons Summertime Wheat

May 31, 2011

It’s a great day to be a Texan folks! Tonight the Dallas Mavericks begin their second trip to the finals, and it’s to battle the loathsome Miami Heat which beat us on our first trip to the finals back in 2006. It’s rematch time and this time we are thirsty for blood. I’ll be watching the game and cheering on my Mavs tonight with some buds (that’s friends, not Budweisers) but first I am dropping by my weekly bar to pick up the glass of the night. In yesterday’s post I gave a hint as to what this would be by serving the beer in a particular glass. This was an older glass that I have had for awhile, and I have heard that Rahr changed the label and design of the glass. I’m hoping for something cool! Anyways there’s just enough time for a beer before the game starts.

Rahr & Sons Summertime Wheat

Summertime Wheat is a German Hefeweizen at 5.5%. It is said to have just a bit of rye malt to give this beer a Texas-sized kick! Here we go…

I walked into the bar and immediately ran into the owners, Fritz and Erin Rahr. Greeted with a smile and a handshake, I was pleased to learn that the glass of the night was INDEED the tall Weizen glass! Very excited. Here’s a picture of Fritz giving a brewery tour last Saturday:

This beer pours a cloudy orange-yellow color with a tall foamy white head. The head is maintained for several minutes as it crests the rim and gently slopes down the outside of the glass. BTW I should mention it is really cool to look down the bar and see EVERYONE drinking the same thing. That never happens here.

The aroma is wheaty and grainy upfront with an immediate shift to a floral fruit-like nose. Large elements of lemon citrus and perhaps a bit of banana as well. That’s nice to see considering it was initially served without a lemon. (They left one on the side incase i wanted it.) This beer also sports a fair bit of spice, cloves or maybe a subtle coriander.

The first thing I taste is quite bready. Lots of wheats and grain characteristics. The sweet fruit flavors come towards the middle of the drink and last through the finish. Gentle spice as well. Very nice and refreshing. Adding the lemon slice adds an obvious boost of citrus and light tartness, but the fruit slice is unnecessary for this particular Hefeweizen.

Well I made it past my first sip before the person next to me lit up a cigarette. Glad I was able to enjoy one sip before all my senses went to hell. Boo on you.

To everyone else: Cheers!


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