Day #149 – Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55

May 30, 2011

It’s Day 149 of my beer blog but also Day 1 of p90x for me, and BOY am I tired!  I went to dinner with my family and watched a movie and I was falling asleep the whole time.  I’m hoping tonight’s beer will be a quick and easy-drinker.

Brooklyn Pennant Ale ’55

This beer is from the Brooklyn Brewing Company and was created in honor of Brooklyns World Champion baseball team.  I’m alittle surprised that I have not reviewed any Brooklyn beers until now.  They are a large player in the craft beer industry and distribute several beers to our area. This is also a new style for my blog (!) which is getting harder and harder to come by.  It is classified as an English Pale Ale.  There is a slight difference from a standard American Pale Ale by the hop varieties they use and a more even malt balance.  We should expect this one to be fairly easy to drink.  ABV 5.1%.  (Would’ve been cool if it were 5.5%)

This beer pours a clear heavy orange-copper color with a tall foamy head response.  I put it in this particular glass as a sneak preview of my plans for tomorrow night. 🙂

The aroma is malty and nutty, with some sappy-syrupy notes.  Slight hop aroma but they are of the earthy variety.  Definite strong aroma.

Flavor is spicy yet dry.  Malty notes for sure with a slight spice of hops.  There is also a prominent tea leaf flavor in this as well.  Medium dry finish.  Fairly refreshing.



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