Day #147 – Beer Tasting II

May 28, 2011

Sorry for the delay folks.  We had a nice beer tasting last night and it went well into the morning hours.  All of the beers we had are unavailable in Texas but they were some very good beers from some very good breweries!  I’ll give a brief overview of each plus a picture. Here we go.

Lost Abbey Red Poppy Ale

(Sour Ale)  Pours a murky murky maroon color with a decent sized head. For a company that gets docked for having little carbonation this bottle sure shot the cork across the room! Aroma is slightly warm notes, alcohol, dark fruit and lots of sour notes. Sour notes for sure. Dry acidic taste. Sour finish. A bit harsh.

Hair of the Dog Adam

(Traditional Ale)  Apparently this is the best trad ale around as it is the highest rated.  Pours a dark ruddy brown color with very low carbonation. This had a light hiss to it when I popped the cap. Aroma is syrupy, woody and dark fruit. Some clay notes. Flavor is lots of caramel notes, alcohol burn, lots of wood, clay and slight smoke. Crazy intense.

New Glarus Thumbprint Series IIPA

(Imperial IPA) Pours a clear orange color with a nice fizzy white head. Aroma is thick drippy hops; musty and sappy. Huge aroma. Flavor is sharp hops, forest notes and pine trees. Drippy hops and pine trees. Crazy wet hops. Finishes sharp and bitter.

Bells Porter

(Porter) Pours a dark brown color with a small bit of bubbles. Aroma is huge roasted chocolate and dark malts. Warm notes. Flavor is roasted notes and bitter chocolate. Bitter roasted finish. A little smoky.

Bells Cherry Stout

(Sweet Stout) Pours a dark brown color with a ring of tan head. Aromas is smoky for sure. Light fruity notes of cherry. Dark malts. Flavor is cherry sweet and tart at the same time. Dark malty flavor. Sweet notes for sure.

Lost Abbey The Angels Share

(Barley Wine) I tried to shoot the cork and it drooped out by my feet. Pours a dark brownish red color. Low low low carbonation. Aroma is dark fruit, cherries, play doh clay and wood. Flavor is heavy dark fruit with a huge alcohol burn. Clay flavor also. Woody malty notes. Finishes sweet and clay.

Foothills Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout

(Imperial Stout) Pours a very dark black color with a tan type head. Aroma of cocoa nibs, smoked malts, beef and dark chocolate. A bit of chewing tobacco. Nice. Flavor is roasted and dusty. Dark chocolate notes. Lovely toasted beef flavor. Superb.

Well there you go!  Lots of fun and tasty beers that I am glad to have gotten the chance to try.



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