Day #133 – Summit Horizon Red Ale

May 14, 2011

My friend and fellow beer blogger King Bob recently reviewed the Anchor Summer Ale followed by today’s beer, the Summit Horizon Red Ale. By an odd coincidence I happened to have these 2 beers in my fridge at the exact same time, and I thought it would be funny if I reviewed them back to back also. Check out his blog too if you get a chance.

Summit Horizon Red Ale


Summit Brewing Company is based out of St. Paul, Minnesota and is the 20th largest craft brewery in the US. They distribute several things to our area, including several rotating seasonals. This beer is an Amber Ale at 5.7% ABV.

Pours a clear amber color with a tall foamy cream head. Pretty solid head response and great retention.

Aroma has lots of hops and bitter malts. The bottle said it is brewed with exceptional American hops and I can definitely smell them. Also has a bit of a bitter tea leaf smell.

Flavor is very bitter and dry. Lots of hops and an earthy flavor as well. The finish remains pretty dry and bitter, and is almost a bit overpowering. Not sure if I like this as it dries out the mouth considerably. Definitely hoppy!

EDIT: As this guy warms up the hops dissipate and the caramel malts come out in the flavor.  Hmm let it warm slightly before trying it.




One comment

  1. I love this brew but I love mouth puckering hoppy beers. I will agree with your recommendation that this beer is better served a little warmer than you would other beers. I found that the best beers hold and may improve in taste as they warm up.

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