Day #131 – Lindemans Framboise

May 12, 2011

Sometimes you just need a break. Sometimes you wake up and think, “Man I really just don’t want a beer today.” It is on these days that it is crucial to know of the other beer styles that are far from the traditional sense. Today is one of those opportunities.

Lindemans Framboise


Lindemans specializes in making Lambics of all styles. They make several fruit lambics and some non fruit lambics as well. Remember a Lambic starts off as a Belgian style witbier and then changes due to the treatment from there. If fruit is added it becomes a fruit lambic. There are several other styles of lambic which I will not get into tonight but hope to review soon.

This is the raspberry style lambic and boasts an ABV of 2.5%. Yes, light on the body for sure.

Check out my awesome Lindemans Flute glass! It’s my first time to actually use it.

Pours a clear cherry red color with lots of carbonation. It has a tall fizzy pink head that disappears quickly. Looks quite elegant in the flute glass.

Aroma is fruity, powdery raspberries and light sugar. Fresh smelling. Very nice.

Flavor is a bubbly sweet fruit with a tart raspberry touch. Very sweet that holds through the very end. I like it, it’s a nice refreshing change from the daily beer grind.




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