Day #128 – Victory HopDevil

May 9, 2011

Big thanks goes out to my Illinois friend Chris for sending me this beer. He sent a boxload of northern beer from several states up there and I can’t wait to try them. I’m thinking I may do a special post just to highlight some of the things he sent to me. Thanks again Chris!

Victory HopDevil


Today’s beer comes from Victory, of which I’ve only reviewed one other beer from: Prima Pils. The HopDevil is an India Pale Ale at 6.7%. I don’t have a Victory glass (I know, surprising right?) so I’ll be serving this in another lovely tulip. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had this beer so it will be interesting to see my thoughts on it and how they have changed.

This beer pours a very clear orange color with a foamy white head. It looks quite nice in my tulip glass.

The aroma is a mix of dusty hops, dry root and zesty fruit. Definitely some hops in this one.

The flavor is more of a subdued hop presence with a dry bitterness to it. The finish also continues this dry bitter flavor. I can pick up some bits of fruit as well; more than likely citric in nature.


Pretty flavorful and not too impactful as some IPA’s tend to be. A good everyday beer.



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