Day #127 – Full Sail Limited Edition Lager (LTD 05)

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day! I was out all day with my family and watching the Mavericks move past the Lakers to the finals. I also went and saw Thor tonight which was pretty cool; a little corny but still cool. Because of all this, I am SUPER tired and will be making today’s post short and sweet.

Full Sail Limited Edition Lager (LTD 05)

Full Sail Brewing Company is based out of Hood River, Oregon and has been in business for around 25 years now. They opened up in 1987 and in the year 2007 decided to do something special to celebrate their anniversary. They created the LTD series which stands for Limited Edition. This was to be an ever-changing series that would feature a new lager recipe every year. They are finally up to the 5th version this year and it is a Vienna lager at 5.6%.


It has a clear orange colored pour with very little carbonation.  Pretty much still with a few slight bubbles perhaps.

The aroma is….not that great actually.  Kind of like soured grain and cardboard with a bit of caramel malts to fill in the backbone.  Not to thrilled so far.

Flavor is a bit better than the nose, but only by a small margin.  Flavor is dry and grainy with some bitter malts and a touch of salt to finish it off.  Kind of bitter but not much.

Eh, not really feeling this one guys.  Sorry!



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