Day #126 – Real Ale Firemans #4

May 7, 2011

Sort of on the road today. Well, I guess I AM on the road as it would hard to be halfway on the road. I had a late change in plans and am headed to see the Rangers kick some New York butt! Stopped by a local pub for a drink beforehand and found a nice Texas beer on tap. Unfortunately I have a glass to go with this beer but do not have it with me tonight. I’ll just include a picture of my glass and we’ll drink it in spirit.

Real Ale Firemans #4


I’ve done several Real Ale beers thus far and this is probably their best selling. Anytime I am at my local beer bar and someone comes up requesting a Bud Light, they usually try and push this beer instead. It is a nice craft substitute. This is classified as a Golden/Blonde Ale and has an ABV of 5.1%. The brewery partnered up with a local Austin bike shop to create this beer. The shop is aptly named “Fireman’s Texas Cruzer”.

This beer pours a very clear golden color with a very fizzy white head. The foam disappears after a bit leaving only a ring and a few bubbles as a reminder of what it previously was.

The beer is still pretty cold at this point so it is a little difficult to discern any aromas out of it. As an aside, most bars serve their beer WAY too cold and drinking out of a frosted glass is an absolute craft beer faux pas. If the beer is cold enough to have icebergs floating in it then you might as well be drinking water. Near freezing temperatures remove almost all taste and aroma. Ok now that I’m done with my tirade the beer in front of me has warmed enough to smell. The aroma is fairly fresh and grainy with a dry sort of scent.


The flavor here is near expected; grain, bitter notes with a light malt. What I didn’t expect (or remember) was a faint presence of hops. This gives the beer just a little nudge on the finish and sets it apart from other light beers. Quite refreshing.

Alright on to the game!





  1. Love me some Fireman’s 4! Just wish it was cheaper. Also a favorite of mine.

  2. I found this one to be so-so. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t that great, either. I guess I can see why they recommend it for people asking for a bud. It’s like bud, if bud were made by a brewery that gives a $@#$@ about quality. Most people over at BB are finding it kind of middle-of-the-road so far: http://www.barleybuddy.com/89837_By_Region/89491_American/151263_Firemans_4

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