Day #125 – Dos Equis XX Special Lager

May 6, 2011

Happy Seis de Mayo! I realize I’m a little behind but oh well. It’s all good in spirit! This beer has been one of my standby’s for a long time. Anytime I’m at a bar and they don’t have a good craft choice then I aim for this one!

Dos Equis XX Special Lager


Dos Equis is brewed by FEMSA out of Monterrey/Veracruz-Llave, Mexico. Is this a Mexican lager? Yes. Is it craft beer? Uh…..probably not. FEMSA is a very large Mexican producer and exporter. They own most of the Mexican beer you see in our area today, and this company is in fact owned by Heineken International…..which I think has connections with AB InBev. It’s classified as a pale lager at 4.45%.

As an interesting aside, my best friend spent his honeymoon at a resort in Mexico and he said anytime he asked for a beer they always responded, “Light or dark?” Apparently most places only serve the Dos Equis Lager and their Amber. Pretty interesting thought. I have also tried a few bottles of this beer that was purchased in Mexico and for some reason it was sooo much better! I don’t know why but i didn’t complain.

Anyways, on to the beer…

This beer pours a clear golden color with a fizzy white head that disappears pretty quickly. Lots of carbonation and bubbles remain.

The aroma is fairly corny and grain, with a bit of lime. Still smells fairly refreshing.

Flavor is grainy and crisp, light corn and water with a bitter finish. This is refreshing to me, and is especially so when it is a hot Texas summer.


I know this isn’t the best beer, but for some reason I like this a lot. It was one of the first beers I ever tried and liked and I think I am holding on to some sentimental feelings. Everyone has their guilty pleasures; this one’s mine.




  1. The Amber is still one of my favorite beers. Like the Lager almost as much, but don’t feel adding a lime is necessary.

  2. I really love the Dos Equis Amber. They may not be considered a “Craft Brewery” but I certainly like them a lot better than your Budweiser or Miller! 😉

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