Day #124 – Ass Kisser Porter Pounder

May 4, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I am going to put off my festivities for one day and will feature a Mexican lager tomorrow, as I am headed to a beer tasting tonight and want to feature a beer that will be opened there.

Ass Kisser Porter Pounder


What an odd name from an odd company!

Ass Kisser Ales came into existence last year. It started off as an enigma, for as I was looking into them last year I noticed they had posted the same mailing address as the Rahr & Sons Brewery. I soon found out that AKA had made a contract with Rahr to where Rahr would brew their beers onsite and AKA would market and sell them under their name. There was some indication of a falling out between the two at one point, but with the release of AKA’s second beer, the tensions seem to be abated.

This beer is classified as a Smoked beer which is a lesser reviewed style for me. Also since it is technically brewed at Rahr this makes it a Texas Beer! The ABV sits at 8.03%. How precise.

Wow so this is the last beer of the night for me, and we’ve already gone through a crapload of beer. I’ll try to post a picture of the tasting later.

The appearance is clear yet reddish brown and dark. It also forms a solid off-white color.

The aroma is quite smoky and beefy. One whiff of this and your stomach will growl. There is a large chocolate malt aroma also. Smells pretty nice.


Flavor is roasted malts, dry bitter and a dark bakers chocolate. It finishes fairly roasty. Ok I’m down with this.


Here’s what’s sitting on the counter after tonight…

And there’s still more sitting on the table!



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