Day #120 – Hoegaarden

May 1, 2011

Sigh….I’m disappointed that yet another beer I am featuring on my blog is actually owned by the super giant Anheuser-Busch InBev. Ugh. It’s almost disgusting to see just how many things AB has their fingers in. Oh well, I happen to like today’s beer and it has a really neat glass to go with it so I’ll drink it just to SPITE the man!



Hoegaarden has been traditionally brewed by the Brouwerij Hoegaarden and may have been first brewed all the way back to the year 1445. Records have been discovered dating back this far relating to this brewery in Hoegaarden, Belgium. It is classified as a Belgian Witbier and has one of the most distinctive glasses around. This glass is called a Tumbler and has a distinctive hexagonal shaped sides. This glass is used for several Belgian beers, including witbiers, saisons and lambics. The ABV rests at 5%.

This beer pours a slightly hazy/cloudy light yellow color with a fizzy white head. It looks very nice in my official Hoegaarden glass.

The aroma is lots of Belgian yeasty notes and bread with additional scents of orange peel and citrus. There is also a bit of spice which can be attributed to the coriander that was used while brewing. Smells nice.

The flavor holds similar elements to the smell. Orange peel and light grains fill the flavor, with a light touch of spice. The coriander is not overbearing and has a nice balance. I like this beer a lot.


On a side note, I’m planning on brewing a witbier similar to this on Saturday. It is the National Homebrewers Big Brew Day, where homebrewers across the world brew the same recipe and share a worldwide toast at noon. It sounds like fun….unfortunately I’ll be trapped in the office on Saturday. I’ll sure as heck brew as soon as I get off though!




  1. This beer is not what it used to be. No doubt the influence of AB/Inbev.

  2. I haven’t had a Hoegaarden lately, but I used to be addicted! A truly classic, crisp beer. It is sad that AB has taken them over… but on a happier note – maybe they will serve it at Busch Gardens! 🙂

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