Day #118 – Rogue Dead Guy Ale

April 29, 2011

So very nice that my faith in the Mavericks last night was validated! They move on to the 2nd round and I move on to Day 118. I also thought it would be appropriate to feature YET ANOTHER beer from Oregon….just to rub some salt on it. 🙂

Rogue Dead Guy Ale


Rogue Ales are based out of Newport, OR, so not quite Portland but still within the same state. This beer is classified as a Heller Bock or a Maibock. This beer was originally created in celebration of All Souls Day, November 1st. Apparently it was so popular they decided to put it into regular rotation. Now it’s one of their top sellers!

This beer pours clear copper orange color with a foamy white head. Very carbonated.

The aroma is woody sweet with a dry bitter maltyness. There is also some sort of spice that I can’t exactly place. It’s like a mix of fruity notes and woody, earthy spices.


The flavor is spicy with hops and bitterness, with sweet flavors of fruit and sugar. The malty flavors come in afterwards that finish with a tea-like flavor. Interesting…to say the least. I would drink this again if it were offered me, but it is honestly not my favorite style.



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