Day #117 – Widmer Brothers Broken Halo IPA

April 28, 2011

Just sitting down for the night to watch the Dallas Mavericks take on the Portland Trailblazers. If Dallas wins tonight they move on to the next round. Excuse me, I should say “WHEN” Dallas wins. This makes tonight’s beer just about perfect for this situation.

Widmer Brothers Broken Halo IPA

Widmer is based in Portland, OR, the city of the soon-to-be losers. Their Broken Halo is an India Pale Ale at 6%, and it was the very first IPA I ever tried. I had no idea what to expect and the taste of hops bowled me over. I remember calling it a Christmas Tree Beer, because that’s what it reminded me of. It has been awhile since I’ve approached this beer again and it is definitely time. I also read an article recently that said Widmer was thinking about phasing this beer out. I’m not sure if that was for good or if they were just referring to their seasonal mix pack. Either way, I need to get on this one. Check out how appropriate my glass is too.


When I got this glass, it wasn’t really basketball season and the beer they put in it had nothing to do with basketball, so I never really understood what the deal was. Now I realize that I got this glass for this night; this very moment in time! To watch the Mavericks sail on past the Blazers.

The beer pours a clear yellowish orange color with a fizzy white head. Nice basketball net around the edges too.

The aroma is, wow, LOTS of hops! Just like I remember. It is sappy and spicy with a strong citrus and pine element. Lots of outdoors characteristics. For my first IPA I sure picked a kicker!

The flavor is sharp hops and bitter grain. Very piney in taste with some sap and resiny notes. Leafy with some bready finishings. Dry finish as well. This seems like the type of beer where if it were then it would be quite intense. Not sure the age on this bottle but I think it might even get more intense then it already is. I certainly like it more this go around though.


Go Mavs!


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