Day #116 – Warsteiner Premium Verum

April 27, 2011

(Special note: When I began this post I was under the impression I would be drinking an Oktoberfest beer today, but halfway through my post I realized this was not the case. But I had written so many good things about Oktoberfests in general so I decided to leave it all. Just deal with it.)

Don’t hate on me; some people start their Oktoberfest celebrations early! 🙂 As you may or may not be aware, Oktoberfest is a multi-week celebration held in Munich. It was first started in 1810 and continues on today as a very important part of Bavarian culture. It is traditionally held at the end of September, sometimes pushing into the first few days of October. The style of beer that is most celebrated during this festival is the Märzen, or the Oktoberfest. This is a dark lager style of beer that is usually fairly malty and can be higher in alcohol, although traditionally they were around 5%.


(Just google Oktoberfest women and you will love the results!)

So you may be asking yourself, “What the heck Cavie? Why are you reviewing an Oktoberfest beer now? It’s only April!” Well that’s a fantastic question. I honestly had not planned on reviewing any until September, at which time I would do a week dedicated to the style. I still may do that, but for this review there is a very good reason. A local bar, The Flying Saucer is hosting this beer for their pint night. No big deal right? Yeah that’s exactly what I thought. I can find this beer anywhere in DFW during the real Oktoberfest so why spend my money and gas on this now? Well……as you know I am quite the glassware collector, and when I saw what the glass looked like, I couldn’t pass it up. You’ll see.

Warsteiner Premium Verum

Warsteiner Brauerei is based in Warstein, Germany and has been family owned and operated since 1753. It is also Germany’s largest privately owned brewery. The beer I am actually drinking has an ABV of 4.8% and is classified as a Classic German Pilsener.

Check it out! A freaken BOOT OF BEER! Totally awesome and worth it. Their are 2 main sizes of glass beer boots, 1 and 2 liters. The one that I have now is a 1L, with a sweet Warsteiner crest embossed on it. There are a few legends about how the boot came to be a popular drinking vessel, most of which have to do with soldiers during war-time. The real truth is, with the release of the movie Beerfest, a fictional movie about an invitation only beer festival in which the contestants compete in olympic-style drinking games, came the interest in drinking from a boot. Much of the plot line in this film revolves around the odd shape of the boot and how to correctly drink from it without a bubble forming in the toe that results in the beer exploding in the drinker’s face. I’m not sure if this is actually true but I won’t be testing it out tonight as I’m at the bar. Maybe some day.


Wow this place is pretty busy, and as soon as I walked in I heard someone shout “DAS BOOT!” Haha I’m in the right place. “What’ll it be?” the bartender asks me. “I’ll take a boot” I answer in the most gruff, Texan accent I can muster. She smiles, disappears behind the counter and returns with a glorious shining boot ‘o beer! $20? Yikes! I’ll tab out please. (side note they sold out in 15 minutes)

Anyways, enough about the glass. It’s totally awesome but absolutely worth it to enhance my glassware collection.

On to the beer….

The beer pours a very clear, light yellow color with a foamy white head. And it’s in a boot.

Aroma is lots of pilsener grains and dry malts. Has the almost metallic touch that most Bavarian pilseners have to them. I believe the water there is harder than what I am accustomed to drinking and is rich in minerals which may explain my sedimentary sense. It also comes in a boot.

Holy crap. So I’ve been drinking this for awhile now while I’ve been blogging on my phone, and I just now reached the part where the toe will contain an air bubble. I KID YOU NOT, the moment the air bubble reached it, the beer bubbled like crazy and beer started shooting out the top of it! If I wouldn’t have realized it, I would have ended up with a face full of beer! Beerfest was absolutely right about that! I’m shocked. Ok now to employ the rotating method they discuss in the film.

The taste is lots of grain and light malts. Very bready as it warms. Some metallic tastes as well with a lightly bitter finish. Annnnnnnd it’s in a boot.

Man the beer was just so-so but the glass….WOW!



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