Day #115 – Duvel

April 26, 2011

We have a staple in Belgian beer for today, which is even more well known for it’s distinctive glassware. I’ve got both!



Duvel is brewed by the Duvel Moortgat Brewery located in Breendonk-Puurs, Belgium. The brewery opened in 1871 and release some very well known Belgian beers, with Duvel being the most recognized. The Danish word for “devil”, Duvel was described as being “a devil of a beer” which earned it it’s current moniker. The beer is classified as a Belgian Strong Ale and carries with it an alcohol percentage of 8.5. The Duvel glass is also very distinctive and quite recognizable. Many consider it to be the standard of the tulip style, with an oversized bowl, gently sloping sides and a very wide flare at the rim. The glasses are also laser-etched in the bottom to create a continuous stream of carbonation to hold the distinctive white head. The Moortgat Brewery also had a hand in establishing the Ommegang Brewery in the US and currently owns it as well.

Very much looking forward to this one….

Before I get into the beer I’ve got to mention some things that are printed on the label. First off on the front it instructs the drinker to “pour unhurriedly”. This is to what I assume slowly develop a tall frothy head while leaving the yeast to deposit at the very end. Also, on the back of the label is printed some of the best advice I’ve had in a long while. It says “best served chilled with discerning friends or good-looking strangers”. And with that, I drink.


It pours a clear to slightly hazy golden color with a very tall white head. The head actually continues to develop well after the drink has been poured and only begins to fall in well after.

The aroma is fresh and sweet. Sharply sweet fruit such as banana and orange can be detected, with a light touch of darker berries. I’m also getting just a hint of alcohol that this beer delivers. Light yeasty notes.

Flavor is tart grape juice at first, with a dry bittering grain soon after. Other sweet fruit notes begin to emerge after it warms, as does an increasingly stronger throat tingle.

Don’t be fooled, this beer packs a punch. However it is very flavorful and is no wonder why it is so well recognized and enjoyed by many a beer enthusiast.



One comment

  1. Nice Blog! I love Duvel! Isn’t it cool that they make it in smaller bottles now… as I remember 10 years ago, having to drink the whole 750ml. 😉

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