Day #114 – Petes Place 1919 Choc Beer

April 25, 2011

Day #114. This day is special to me for a few reasons. When I was in college I was in the band service fraternity Kappa Kappa Psi. I was an active member for several years and had quite a lot of fun doing it. Our particular chapter was number 114, so we went nuts over anything 114. We’d take pictures with highway mile-markers, addresses, room placards…you name it. 1919 is also significant because it is the year the fraternity was founded. Glad I made it to 114. AEA brothers!

Petes Place 1919 Choc Beer


1919 Choc Beer comes from Petes Place, which is a brewpub in Krebs, Oklahoma. Oklahoma is one of the few states that has very strict regulations on alcohol. They cap the alcohol level that can be sold at grocery stores at 3.2%; anything higher must be sold at a liquor store. They also have some sort of limits on Sunday sales. I dropped by this brewpub on the way home from Oklahoma a few years ago, but they wouldn’t sell me any of their beer because it was Sunday. Well I take that back, they did offer me their lightest one which I think was in the 2% range but I passed on it.

This beer is classified as a wheat ale and measures right at 5%.

Pours a clear yellow color with lots of white foamy head. This is bottle conditioned so there was lots of yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle, but I chose not to pour it in with the beer.

The aroma is very dusty, like what you might shake off an old box found in the attic. Dusty smell with a bit of aging grains and perhaps light lemon? Not a whole lot of citrus but just enough to detect it.

Flavor is grainy with lots of wheat tones and definite lemon flavor. The finish is slightly sweet with the taste of fruit and wheat with some sweet malts as well. Not bad, sort of dry.


Cheers and AEA!


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