Day #113 – Rahr & Sons Blonde Lager

April 24, 2011

Reviewing this beer on the road today. I am LIVE from the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington watching the Rangers play the Kansas City Royals. They have a pretty good record so far and hopefully they will keep it up!


Rahr & Sons Blonde Lager

I am quite the baseball fan and have grown up with the Rangers. I remember my mom pulling me out of school to go to opening day every year, and the most memorable was when their current ballpark opened in 1994. I’ve been hooked ever since. I was lucky to stumble upon this lovely beer stand called “Beers of Texas” and how could I pass that up?


I found plenty of great Texas beer available and a Rahr beer that I have yet to review! And what better time to review a Texas beer than under the Texas sky in the Rangers Ballpark? Let’s do this.


Rahr Blonde is classified as a Helles Lager which is in the pale lager family but has a little more “oomph” to it. Alcohol is at 4.6%. Sorry, no sweet glassware today. They served it in this dinky plastic cup. Whatever.

The appearance is a clear golden color with absolutely no head. Seriously I had to sip the cup before I could even pick it up. I KNOW this beer usually has a tall white head, it just wasn’t poured that way today.

The aroma is lots of grain. Grain and bread with some sweet malts. Light floral notes.

Flavor is sweet bread and fresh grain. It has the usual Rahr floral notes which I am now convinced are due to the house yeast strain they use. Very refreshing altogether. Just wish I didn’t pay $9 for a tall glass.


Cheers anyway! Oh and go Rangers!!


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