Day #111 – Michigan Brewing Celis White

April 22, 2011

Well this is not really a Texas Beer anymore but it used to be, and that counts for something right?

Michigan Brewing Celis White


This beer was originally brewed by Celis Brewing which was based out of Austin, TX. In the 1990’s, Pierre Celis sold his company to Miller and moved to Belgium. Michigan Brewing Company purchased the Celis brand and beer and revived the label soon thereafter. It is now brewed in Webberville, Michigan at their brewery. I think the recipe is still somewhat similar to the original Celis beer but I am not certain. It is classified as a Belgian Witbier with an ABV of 3.9%. Very sessionable for sure!

This beer pours a hazy light yellow color with a very tall white head. The head response was immediate from the moment the liquid hits the glass.

The aroma is dry and dusty, with grain and a spicy clove element. I suppose I could pick out some lemon notes as well.


Flavor is sweet fruit with some zesty characteristics. The spice leaves a nice tingle on the tongue with some light bready notes. Light mouthfeel for sure. This has a nice finish too that is fairly refreshing. Definitely a hot day kind of beer.



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