Day #110 – Leffe Blonde

April 21, 2011

Another Belgian beer for today. Hooray foreign beer!

Leffe Blonde


Leffe Blonde was originally brewed at the Leffe Abbey in Belgium by the monks that lived there, but was bought out eventually by InBev Belgium making this….you guessed it….NOT OFFICIALLY CRAFT BEER. Remember to be a craft brewery it has to be small, traditional and independent. The independent part of this is what this beer lacks, as it is owned by a non-craft company. Oh well, I’ll still review it as it is a beer I purchased, AND I have a really cool glass to go with it. This beer is actually brewed at the Stella Artois brewery in Belgium now, cutting it’s ties with the original Leffe Abbey. It holds an ABV of 6.6% and is classified as a Belgian Ale. I am super official with my glass today.

This beer pours a mostly clear golden color with a solid white foam head. There are lots of carbonation bubbles emanating from the bottom of the glass.

The beer smells pretty good; actually I caught a whiff of it the moment I cracked the cap and that’s a good sign. I smell some sweet Belgian fruit and yeasty notes, kinda bready with perhaps a sweet touch of banana and grapes. Very appealing.


Flavor is pretty smooth with easy going spicy notes, soft fruit and a light tingle on the back of the throat. Very smooth and fruity. Clove notes as well give it the spicy kick I am enjoying. I am liking this! Too bad it’s not officially considered craft beer, but I’ll still give up a hearty Cheers!


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