Day #107 – Victory Prima Pils

April 18, 2011

Well, I had planned on a very BIG beer for my review today. Literally everything about it is big: high in alcohol, 22 oz bottle, intense and in your face flavor…it is gonna be awesome. After I came home however, I made a nice spaghetti dinner complete with garlic toast….and then a 2 hour nap. Something tells me I don’t need an extra reason to fall asleep tonight so I’ll keep the bastard in the fridge. (hint hint)

Victory Prima Pils


My first beer from Victory Brewing Company; that’s surprising. Surprising considering they are ranked #29 on the top US craft breweries list! (By the way you can check out that list for yourself HERE.) Victory is based out of Downingtown, Pennsylvania and they make some very good things that are distributed to our area. Again that’s why I’m a bit taken back as to why I haven’t had any of said beers before now. Man I need to get on it. It’s already Day #107 after all! Only 258 left after this.

Victory Prima Pils is a regular old Pilsener at 5.3%. I’ll be honest and say the first time I tried this 2 years ago I didn’t much care for it. That’s part of the reason why I’m excited to try it again today to see if my tastes have changed.

Pours a very clear golden yellow color with lots of carbonation bubbles apparent. The head is formed after a bit of agitation and forms into a foamy white crest.

The aroma is dry and malty, with a strong element of grains and a hint of citric fruit. Fairly straightforward by style standards. Smells very dry.


Flavor is dry to be certain, with grainy flavors, bitter malts with a hint of fruit with a dry and bitter grainy finish. Hops are felt and tasted as well and appear as a sharp bittering agent. As far as the style goes, this is very representative of what it should be. It’s just honestly not one of my favorite styles, but I can’t knock em for that!



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  1. […] beer comes from Victory, of which I’ve only reviewed one other beer from: Prima Pils. The HopDevil is an India Pale Ale at 6.7%. I don’t have a Victory glass (I know, surprising […]

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