Day #98 – Franconia Dunkel

April 9, 2011

Special treat today! Not only am I reviewing a Texas beer, I’m landing a new style for my blog AND I’m at the freaken brewery itself! Yes I’m at Franconia Brewing up in McKinney, TX. I haven’t been here in a couple years as it’s much more of a drive than Rahr is for me, but I grabbed a couple buddies and figured it was time to venture out again.

Franconia Dunkel


A Dunkel is a type of dark lager, with lots of roasted malt and often times a fair hop presense. Being a lager however, it should still be smooth and crisp with no fruity esters.

I walked into the brewery and immediately ran into the owner and a pal of mine. They were quick to welcome me in and pour a beer. I can already tell this will be a fun trip.

The beer pours a dark brown color, almost black. Tan head. Looks very nice.

Dark malts and chocolate cocoa greet the nose for this one. Roasted malts as well. I am certainly liking what I’m seeing so far!


Smooth mouthfeel. Roasted taste that is quite malty and grainy. Dark chocolate rounds things out. There is a slight ash in the aftertaste but certainly not anything to be upset over.

This is probably one of my favorite offerings from a local north Texas brewery. It’s only available on tap so don’t look for it in bottles…..for now. 🙂



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