Day #95 – Green Flash Double Stout

April 6, 2011

Here’s the downfall of keeping up with my blog and this project, and honestly I’m surprised this hasn’t happened sooner. For the first time in my 95 days now of this project, I really and truly just don’t want a beer. Shocking, I know but it’s the truth. So for the sake of pushing through my lameness, I’m heading to downtown for a quick drink.

I’m at the saucer tonight at their glass night. I saw the glass they had for tonight listed online and it looked really cool, so I ventured out to pick it up. That and I had 3 different friends tell me about the glass and ask if I was going, so here I am.

Green Flash Double Stout

Alright! I’m thinking that if I really don’t feel like a beer, perhaps drinking an excellent one will change my mind. I was able to try this particular beer a few weeks ago on my trip to Austin. Looks like it made it to Fort Worth as well.

The glass is actually pretty awesome, so for nothing else I’m glad I came just to collect this one. It’s a snifter style glass with Green Flash stars around it with three different styles of their beers around it, none of which are the double stout but oh well. It still looks rather elegant in this one.


Again with the cute bartenders! Man this place does it right.

Green Flash is a brewery located in Vista, California. They have several releases distributed to our area with the Double Stout being the newest. It is classified as an Imperial Stout (alright!) with an ABV of 8.8%. Looks like I’m sipping this one slowly then so as to avoid a buzz.

After letting it sit on the bar for a suitable amount of time to allow for warming, I finally decide to drink it.

It pours a very black color, looking very thick and creamy with a nice brown head. Very bready head in appearance. Nice evidence of lacing. Looks to be pretty good.

The aroma is absolutely lovely. Big elements of sweet chocolate and roasted cocoa beans mixed with a rich coffee touch. Great to smell and I’m willing to bet the aroma continues to strengthen with warmth.


Highly roasted flavor with a dark chocolate bitterness prevailing. Roasted coffee beans and dark malts come into play near the end and into the finish. A slight hop flavor also provides for a bit of a kick in the middle which pairs well with the higher alcohol content. Finishes roasty again but remains a very tasty beer. Excellent.

Hmm, glad I came and I suppose if I were to have any beer today when I wasn’t really wanting it, this would be the one. I like it!



One comment

  1. Sounds amazing! I haven’t had this one yet…guess we’ll have to make a trip out sometime!

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