Day #89 – Fullers London Porter

March 31, 2011

Well the Chimay trio was fantastic.  I am so glad that I had a chance to review those beers back to back to back.  I figured the best thing to follow up some great beers is ANOTHER great beer!  Haha, well I haven’t had this particular beer in several years but from what I remember it was quite lovely.

Fullers London Porter

Fullers is a brewery based out of the jolly ole town of London, England.  They were founded in 1845 and are well known for their cask versions of their English Ales.  Cask beers if you remember are beers that are kegged with an additional pitch of live yeast.  This causes the beer to continue to develop as it is in the cask.  Cask beers in particular are all the rage in the UK and have been for awhile.   The bottle I have tonight is their London Porter, a standard porter at 5.4% ABV.

I decided to pour this beer into a glass of fellow UK brewer Wells.  It pours a very dark brown color with some reddish colors.  There is also a nice foamy beige head.

Wow what a great aroma!  I can smell loads of sweet and dark chocolate, with a fair amount of coffee on the nose.  Dark and roasty with sweet notes of chocolate malts.  Awesome aroma!

The flavor is very roasty as well.  Lots of toasted dark malts with some bitter Baker’s chocolate.  There is a fairly bitterness that lasts all the way through to the finish.  Some bits of coffee as well, roasted grounds.  The flavor isn’t quite as good as the aroma but it still remains nevertheless a very tasty beer.  Let it warm before enjoying.



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