Day #85 – Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat

March 27, 2011

I’m bottling my most recent homebrewed beer, which is a Golden Ale which I have affectionately named “Fireman’s #451” and to do that I have to collect lots of bottles.  I like the shape and build of the Samuel Adams bottles, so I picked up some more of them.  Today’s is their Coastal Wheat.

Samuel Adams Coastal Wheat

The Coastal Wheat is a wheat ale which is most notably brewed using Lisbon lemons, which are grown in California.  Let’s see if those characteristics show up in the flavor.

It pours a slightly hazy golden color with lots of carbonation bubbles that form a foamy white head on the top of the beer.

The aroma is fruity and tart.  Lemon and floral sweetness on the nose, with wheat grains and maybe a light spiciness. Kind of a candied aroma as well, like lemon drops.

The flavor is a decent balance of lemon peel and zest, and wheat bread.  There is a light bitterness on the finish but it is fairly subtle.  The lemon spice is what prevails in the flavor here.  Hmm, this one is fairly well done; flavorful and different.




One comment

  1. I really liked the Coastal Wheat. It’s a great summer beer. I almost bought some yesterday but as there is still snow on the ground here, I feel like it’s not quite summery beer season.

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