Day #83 – Sierra Blanca Roswell Alien Amber Ale

March 25, 2011

Ok, I’m going to be honest here and say straight up that I have no idea what I’ve gotten into here.  I seriously only bought this next beer due to the label, but I am terrified about what it might taste like.  Advertising works people; let’s hope I don’t live to regret it.

Sierra Blanca Roswell Alien Amber Ale

Sierra Blanca Brewing Company is based out of Moriarty, New Mexico.  I hope your mind immediately went to the episode of Star Trek where Data battles Professor Moriarty in the holodeck and Moriarty takes over the ship.  That was awesome.  This is a fairly small brewery with a regional distribution, so don’t expect to see this outside of the Southwest.  It is classified as an Amber Ale at 5.2%.

Check out the picture of the label!  I mean first off it’s named Roswell Alien Amber and it has a picture of a green alien with UFO’s flying in the background.  How could I NOT buy this??? Even the cap has a picture of an alien on it.  Hope it doesn’t suck.

This beer pours a clear, dark amber color with a foamy beige head.  Looks alright, with a fair amount of carbonation in it.

The aroma is a mix of sweet and bitter malts with some notes of old grain and water.  Meh I’m indifferent about the aroma it seems.

The flavor is bitter malts, old grains, popcorn, stinging metal and alien sweat.  BAH!!!

I’d rather be abducted and anally probed than drink this again.




One comment

  1. Ummm…abducted and anally probed? Popcorn and alien sweat…yum!

    At least the label looks cool.

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