Day #79 – Rahr & Sons Bucking Bock

March 21, 2011

Day 79 and I’m off to camp!  I’ll be gone for 3 days, but I’ve got some reviews saved up.

Rahr & Sons Bucking Bock

Today’s beer is from the lovely local brewery, Rahr & Sons.  The Bucking Bock is a Heller Bock and is their Spring seasonal.  It rings in at 7.5% so take it easy on these!

This beer pours a fairly clear bright orange color with lots of fizzy carbonation.  Bubbles continuously emanate from the bottom of the glass to form a sustaining white head.

Aroma is mainly bready malts and grains with some touches of sweetness and a gentle bite of hops.

Flavor is dry bitter hops upfront with a very grainy taste.  The bitterness continues on through the finish where some sharp flavors emerge.  Almost slightly metallic in nature.  As it warms it develops a very floral flavor that has a very soft touch.

The Bucking Bock has never been one of my favorite Rahr beers, but I will certainly raise a glass of it proudly!


EDIT:  Had it on tap tonight…..much smoother.


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