Day #78 – Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

March 20, 2011

I was browsing one of the beer blogs that I enjoy reading recently and I came across some news regarding the Dogfish Head Brewery.  They have very recently enjoyed a huge boom in success due to the show “Brewmasters” that aired on Discovery Channel last year.  After the show aired, I started to notice that their beers were becoming increasingly scarce on beer shelves.  They announced recently that they have decided to pull out of 4 states and Canada to meet with the demand on their other markets.  Luckily Texas  was not one of them but that would explain why we haven’t seen much by way of DFH.  They stated that they need to satisfy their local markets first before trying to pick up those accounts again.  I hope they can expand at an appropriate pace that will allow them to stay on track for producing great beer.  I found a bottle from them at a local store and decided to do that one today.

Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale

While it’s classified as a Brown Ale, DFH states that it is a mix between a Scotch Ale, an IPA and a mix of American Pale Ale.  Mix all those together and you get a brown ale, which typically has a good balance of malts and hops.  7.2% alcohol; and it’s also important to note that this was the very first beer I ever had from Dogfish Head….and I’ve never tried it since.  🙂

The beer has a smearing of different colors which is actually pretty cool.  Near the bottom of the glass is a light orange that fades to a pretty red and then towards dark brown near the top.  Quite a lovely sight indeed.  The head is a foamy tan color that sits and doesn’t fade.  Great appearance.

Lots of things in the aroma too.  The first thing I notice is a sweet raisin like smell that immediately changes to a roasted coffee ground.  Coffee!  I wasn’t expecting that at all.  Roasted malts and cocoa beans too.

The flavor is big roasted malts too that stay with you into the finish.  There is a sweet dark fruit flavor too, like raisins and plums.  It has a burnt bitter finish of roasted malts that dries out the palate.  Some bitter hops can be felt on the finish too.

Hmmm, so it went from a fantastic aroma to a good taste to a bit of a disappointing aftertaste.  I am a self-admitted coffee freak, and when I pick it up in beer I go crazy!  This beer was good but I wouldn’t drink more than one at a time.



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